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earlyCASE extracts and processes email, files, images and give you a detailed look at ESI.

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earlyCASE ® is an application which runs on your local PC and analyzes the ESI that your computer can access without the data ever leaving your computer or network. earlyCASE ® allows you to see and understand (early case assessment) all of your data before it is processed for discovery. It supports multiple languages, extracts emails, attachments, metadata, generates hash values, detects duplicates and creates a local inventory database of documents and emails. earlyCASE ® allows users to make informed discovery decisions and easily cut down the size of data sets through filter and culling before going into the discovery process and review.

Immediate understanding of your data - FREE & Professional versions - 50+ Early Case Assessment Analytics - Runs on your local PC - You run it when & where needed - Extracts Metadata & Hash Values - Creates a Complete Document Inventory Database - Data never leaves your computer - Analyze EnCase Images & Zip Files - Processes PST's, NSF's - Filter and Cull ESI based on Dates, File Types, Duplicate files - Identify and Remove Known System Files (NIST)

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Version 2.1.339 Released
Includes Option to Flatten out and export documents and emails... more
Office 2013 Support
Expected Soon
Our development team is currently adding support for Office 2013... more

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